Akira — Map of the Problematique — 【Anime Music Video】

Akira - Map of the Problematique - 【Anime Music Video】

Akira — Map of the Problematique — 【Anime Music Video】


Its been a while since I made my last AMV. I went through an artist’s block and that is why I stopped updating my channel and started updating my blog.

I really enjoyed the movie and it made me realize how much Anime has changed in the past 10 years in response to western market. Now most of the new anime fans hardly know any good shows other than a few Shonen Jump titles like Naruto and One piece.

[ NOTE: This is my own personal opinion so no fighting just because its contrary to yours. It doesn’t in any way mean that I think Shonen fans suck as I myself am one. There are a few Shonen Jump titles that are in my fav list. So no fighting or hate comments. Thank you ]

Update: I ordered a Tetsuo Figure [ Medicom ]

Anime: AKIRA [1988]
Song: Map of Problematique — Muse


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