Laser Harp: Dreamcatcher — Live Version

Laser Harp: Dreamcatcher — Live Version

In this video I play the AKAI EWI4000s («synth flute»), Korg M3, AND Laser Harp, 100% live. Three completely different ways of playing music. It is quite possibly the first time in the world that a wind instrument, keyboard and Laser Harp have been played by the same person in a single song. ;-)

This is a «Live in my living room» version of my song Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher has been revamped and «revved up» a little bit for this performance, and now that it is on YouTube, it’s live in your living room as well!

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I did wonder whether I should use the Laser Harp sunglasses through the whole song or not. I realize that it might look a bit odd. But without the glasses, you’d just see me staring at the camcorder’s display to make sure that I am positioned so that my live flute playing is caught on film. And you’d miss the fun and retro reflection close-up at the beginning. ;-)

Playing the EWI4000s and the Laser Harp with an inflammation in my right shoulder, a possible cracked rib, and still recovering and regaining energy after a hard case of mononucleosis, was a little bit tiresome and painful. I do not lift my right arm quite as high or vigorously as my left arm when playing the Laser Harp, but other than that I don’t think it’s that noticeable. :-) However I did need a lot of rest between takes before I got it the way I wanted.

This piece of music is performed and composed by Rune Foshaug. Please visit for all my original music.

Enjoy. :o)

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Laser Harp: Dreamcatcher - Live Version Загрузка... Laser Harp: Dreamcatcher - Live Version Laser Harp: Dreamcatcher - Live Version
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